Claims Funding International is a litigation funding company specialising in multi-party actions for the victims of corporate misconduct. Many individuals and companies with legitimate legal claims do not pursue them because of the high cost and risks associated with litigation. By agreeing to assume the risk and paying all the costs, Claims Funding International provides access to justice for parties with genuine claims. Claims Funding International is incorporated in Dublin, Ireland and is owned by Australia’s premier class action law firm, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

What we do

At Claims Funding International, we offer to completely underwrite the cost and risks of litigation in return for a commission, payable only if the claim is successful. This includes paying the defendants’ costs if the case is unsuccessful. Our commission rate is a percentage of recovered damages so there are no hidden extras or uncertainty. Our mandate is to identify, fund, manage and resolve multi-party litigation (i.e. where significant numbers of potential claimants are involved) on behalf of victims of corporate misconduct, mainly cartel and securities actions.


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